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Welcome to Calgary 2026, a committed group of volunteers, community leaders and government partners working to build our bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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Our promise to you is simple: We will represent the diverse voices of Calgary in a responsible bid that reflects our values and builds our future together.


A renewed & responsible way to host the Games


This is not a nostalgia exercise. We believe that it’s a fundamental privilege to ask big questions about the future of our city. To imagine what’s possible and to consider how, by hosting the 2026 Games, we can work together to realize many of our current community needs and priorities.

What’s needed is you! Our team is working tirelessly to listen, explore and engage with Calgarians about the vision for the 2026 Games so it can be an unparalleled community-building opportunity. We know that this is a city of thinkers and dreamers, volunteers and doers, entrepreneurs and creators, and we’re looking forward to finding the answers with you.


The Draft Hosting Plan Concept

Let’s be clear: the buck stops here. The bottom line is what matters most when evaluating the potential of any opportunity. The reality is that the Games will cost money. But, with responsible planning and stewardship, the Games can be a catalyst for building something that lasts.


The Draft Hosting Plan Concept provides you with the most current information. Like any good plan, it will evolve through further negotiation with our partners and our dedication to community engagement with Calgarians. Along the way, we’re committed to keeping you informed.  Sign up.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll work to provide more details for your consideration. November 13, the opportunity to determine if we move forward will belong to you and our partners.


What to expect

We’ve built a Draft Hosting Plan Concept that begins to describe how the 2026 Games can make sense for Calgary and Canmore, including the renewal of existing facilities and delivery of new community facilities, the development of affordable housing, and a legacy program for future generations. It’s all happening fast, so here are some key dates you should know:




Overview of the Draft Hosting Plan Concept is shared publicly. With guidance from our partners, including Calgary City Council, we are deciding that it is prudent to move forward with the plebiscite (public vote) on November 13.



The International Olympic Committee announces the official Candidate cities vying for the opportunity to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. If designated, Calgary will officially enter the race to host the Games.



The Town of Canmore will decide on their participation within the formal bid.




Voting Day! It’s your chance to say whether you support or don’t support a Calgary bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


Let’s be honest...

Nowadays it’s tough to know what information out there is correct. And, earlier in the bid exploration process, the facts weren’t yet available for you to form an opinion about what’s best for your business, community, and family.  We are committed to sharing information with you and will regularly be updating this website. 

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Know the facts and sign up today.

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