Key Benefits for Calgarians

The Calgary 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games represent the following benefits for our city and our community:


  • Minimum $4 Billion of investment injected into local economy, creating jobs, growth and prosperity (funds only come with a Games program);
  • $1 Billion of wage earnings for Calgary and Alberta;
  • Athlete housing units will be built, of which 80% will be used for affordable housing after the Games;
  • $1 Billion contingency included in the Calgary 2026 budget/plan;
  • 11 modernized venues; 85% of venues already exist and will be utilized for the 2026 Games delivery;
  • 2 new community venues: mid-size arena and much-needed fieldhouse;
  • $180 Million Legacy Fund: providing sustainable funding for facilities and programs that will keep our city healthy, including our youth, Indigenous youth, and world-class athletes who choose to make a career in sport;
  • Hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games allows Calgary to maintain our position as a winter sport city and centre of excellence; since 1988 we have hosted more than 150 World Cup events in the region contributing to our tourism and sport sectors;
  • Deliver a shared vision for our future, lifting our community spirit – our volunteer superpower will be mobilized again to make the difference;
  • Thousands of kids have learned to play, compete and be healthy as a result of our 1988 legacy venues and we want this for the next generation; over 1.2 Million visitors at WINSPORT each year; and,
  • Since 1924 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes have collected more than 1,700 medals in combined Summer and Winter Games’ performances.

Canada’s Games, Calgary’s Choice


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